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In a Heavenly Environment

     It had been eight  months since we had buried our daughter. We were planning for a benefit concert event the following year in the Spring (May 2016), and had been considering which musical artists and speakers we'd like to have present. Because of the blessings we had received listening to the late Bill Liversidge, we decided to ask him to speak at our event.

    The response we received from Bill was not only positive, but deeply uplifting to our spirits. I received an email on Sept 1, 2015 from Bill expressing that it would be a great honor for him to speak at our event. But what he went on to relate in his email was so profoundly moving that we didn't even really grasp the significance until a few weeks ago.

    At the annual Creative Media Ministries retreat {Sept 22-24, 2017}, opportunity was granted me to give the devotional Sunday morning before our board meeting. During that segment, I referenced Bill's letter he wrote us just three weeks before his untimely death September 22, 2015. Then I read the letter to the group.  It was so compelling and deeply profound, that some present requested a copy of it.

    So we decided to make it available at our website. As you will see, Pastor Bill stated that Brianna's "early exit from this mortal life was not only in her best interest but was God's way for holding her secure in His loving arms so that her future life would follow His pre-determined plan."  {This holds true for all who are laid to rest in Jesus prematurely.}

                                                                          Feel free to read the entire letter at the link below.  You will be richly blessed with a deeper

                                                                          knowledge and appreciation of God's precious love for His children.  What plans He has

                                                                          for His children which He has purchased with His own blood is truly out of this world. 

                                                                          Praise be to His name!

God's Already in Your Past, Pres, FutureBill Liversidge
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