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Hiroko's Art

How would we have known that 18 years later Brianna would visit the very country this doll originated from (bottom right picture).


Courtney, a friend of Mary's dating back to their junior high school years, later would become best friend of Rod's and a few years later his best man. It will be 30 years of marriage on June 30.  When Brianna was a few months of age, Courtney brought this doll with him from Japan to give to her as a special gift.  (We still have the doll 20 years later).


are in the photo section of the website, under the Brianna tab. Recently, we had expressed our desire to Hiroko for some Japanese artwork coming to learn of her talent. The same graciousness she exhibited to us the first time we met her flowed forth again at Brianna's Memorial Service. She was eager to grant our request. The Japanese characters she painted is the word 'passion' in honor of Brianna. We will always be thankful to her for this special artistic talent God has blessed her with that she

shared with us.


Love, Rod and Mary

We managed to stay in touch with Courtney, but in Brianna's teen years 

we visited with Courtney and his wife, Hiroko of Japanese decent(who definitely is his better half).  It was such a joy to see Courtney and his family.

Brianna was blessed to be given the opportunity and travel to Japan. She quickly contacted Courtney who gave suggestions on places to see and locations to visit. Brianna had expressed her desire to return and teach English in this great country one day.  She was forever grateful for Courtney's help and dreamed one day to revisit Japan with Courtney and his wife as 'tour guides'.

Brianna fell in love with the Japanese culture and thus chose to include in her signature watermark, the word 'passion' in Japanese characters .  One can recognize in many of her pictures this signature.A number of these pictures

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