Media Evangelism Training Program

BWP is providing sponsorships for media evangelism training programs. Young people will be well trained to become effective modern day Gospel Workers.   If you have a deep interest and growing conviction to serve God in media ministry, include in a 500 word essay: Your name and address, background, goals, plans for media evangelism, including your strengths and weaknesses      

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Our mission is to disciple and inspire youth with the eternal realities of God's love through dynamic visual media.



"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporal, but what is unseen is eternal."                     --2 Corinthian 4:18



Our Philosophy



There is no competing with Hollywood. As Christian media professionals, we believe that our call to be separate (2 Corinthians 6:17) and peculiar (1 Peter 2:9) encompasses much more than simply creating positive media to counteract the onslaught of immoral television, movies, and music that is bombarding our senses every day. While it is our goal to create high-caliber, high-quality, life-changing Christian media, we also recognize that actually transforming a life is the work accomplished only by the Spirit of God through His Gospel, which unfortunately is often drowned out by the very medium through which we seek to present it. Our productions seek to transcend this paradox by utilizing media principles that honor God.


We cannot escape the fact that today, mass media is one of the enemyʼs most powerful tools for disconnecting us from reality and, subsequently, from God. Consequently, our secondary goal is to get you “unplugged” from your television, and your smartphone. We seek to create an awareness of the inherent dangers of entertainment media, while simultaneously equipping you with tools to reach your peers through media.


Media is the language of youth and the post-modern mind. Today, the average youth consumes about 4-6 hours of mass media every day. The reality though, is that it is the equivalent of over 8.5 hours worth of media content when we consider the idea of media-multitasking. The effect on our culture and the individual mind is significant. Today, about 75% of high-school graduates do not read another book to completion for the rest of their lives. We must speak the language of this generation to reach them where they are, and teach them a new language: The language of a quiet mind that communicates unceasingly to God in prayer and personal Bible study.


The Bible is dynamic, powerful, inspiring and motivating. Unfortunately, too often, its words and lessons are presented in a bland, dry way and as a result, many secular minds are unable to grasp the unseen realities revealed within it's pages. Our objective is to do our part to ensure that these unseen realities come to life and inspire people to dig deeper and engage in a personal, dynamic relationship with God.


Consumed by the passion to reach out to the minds of youth and young adults with the powerful truths of God's word, we produce films, documentaries, and other media, and engage in many other forms of creative evangelism to redirect hearts and minds to God's Word.