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One inmate wrote:

    My name is GC and I am currently incarcerated in the Arizona Department of Corrections.  I am a believer and have accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior. I heard of your ministry from another brother in Christ in our weekly Bible study. I am an indigent and really have no funds but I really need a study Bible to further my learning and knowledge of our Lord's word.  What I am asking is could your ministry please help me in getting a study Bible from your catalog at no cost. I chose the Thomas Nelson NKJV study Bible.

    I just would like to say to who may get this letter that I am so very grateful for your ministry as I have needed more than wanted a Bible of my own. Than you so very much and my our Lord Jesus continue the great works through this ministry.      
                                                                              -God Bless from a brother in Christ

Another inmate sent us this hand made card (click to read inside)

Christian's picture.jpg

This inmate's letter is here attached:

Michael Roberts Testimonial.just initials.jpg

This inmate's expression of gratitude really touched us:

September 9, 2023

       The new Bible has arrived! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. It is absolutely the most beautiful Bible I have ever owned.  I am so grateful to you and your entire team associated with "Brianna's Wings of Passion" for making this possible. I'm so excited to begin reading, memorizing and studying God's word with my beautiful new Bible.  I am truly overwhelmed complete with tears flowing as I write you.  This is a wonderful new memory made while I'm here in prison, that will last the rest of my life, and you and your team made that possible.  God bless you.  I've recorded today's date, and from whom this Bible was sent, and will never forget you.

Thank you, this is truly a blessing,


Another fellow believer, who writes us regularly, that we have grown fond of, wrote us a special Sabbath blessing in the Summer of 2022:

"Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women."  Luke 1:28
   Good morning, and happy Sabbath! I would have inserted your name into that scripture but the Angel of the Lord was already speaking to a Mary.  I just want to thank you for your last message and actually all of the corresponding you do with us inmates.  Thank you for your prayers for me and my family.  I hope all is well for you, and you are feeling the presence of our Father on this special day.  I know I am.
     I was a little late going to service last night so they denied me entry, but God... had a plan. I sat and talked with a friend at a table as lightning shined in a distant storm.  God was brought up several times in the conversation. He always has a plan, and it is comforting to see Him work even in a place like this.
 I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.  God bless you and all that your hands touch.  Thank you again for all of your ministry and prayers.

Your bro
ther in Christ,


PS:  The picture above of the hand with our names inscribed was from this inmate.


Many of these men have quite the drawing talent.  You can see how much time goes into their artwork, which they then send us in appreciation of BWP's ministry for them.

JD's Picture of Jesus .jpg

A grateful inmate once an atheist

Revised Letter of Thanks from DS.jpg

From a regular writer to BWP and the ministry opportunities he has being incarcerated

Grateful from the bottom of his heart

Gatitude Ltr from Jose G..jpg

I’m getting together all the brothers in here and we’re pitching in on feeding after church next week something for Thanksgiving. We’re having a group singing Christian music and have this big thing with the Chaplain and some outsiders coming in to preach. We’ve been talking about it trying to figure how to give back and help.

After study group, this older man came up and asked me if I can pray for him. When I said yes, I told him to bow his head and when I looked down, he had these shoes that were ripped and nasty looking. I could see he had tried to sew them up, but I closed my eyes and prayed out loud. When I was done, he cried. I told him, “you’re gonna be just fine, Jesus loves you.” I handed him a Bible I had before you bought me the new one, and said, “here you take it read, study, and learn. Let Jesus show you He never gave up on you.”

I wish you knew what I do every day in here.  I have this box, I have these daily Bibles and other materials. Every morning I stand next to the chow line, me and this other guy, handing out stuff and we made this prayer box…you’ll love it…people come and drop off prayers and every day at 3 pm we take ever one of them and pray over them.  Also, every night, I make out these little papers and write Scriptures from the Bible… every night we have a group prayer outside on the yard.

It was so hard when I first got here, but now we got so many people just walking up to pray. I even had this guy who just wanted to sit next to us, because he needs to feel Jesus presence. This is what he said, I couldn’t help but smile. I knew right then and there I’m doing something right.

                                                                          - Your brother, LV

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