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One inmate wrote:

    My name is GC and I am currently incarcerated in the Arizona Department of Corrections.  I am a believer and have accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior. I heard of your ministry from another brother in Christ in our weekly Bible study. I am an indigent and really have no funds but I really need a study Bible to further my learning and knowledge of our Lord's word.  What I am asking is could your ministry please help me in getting a study Bible from your catalog at no cost. I chose the Thomas Nelson NKJV study Bible.

    I just would like to say to who may get this letter that I am so very grateful for your ministry as I have needed more than wanted a Bible of my own. Than you so very much and my our Lord Jesus continue the great works through this ministry.      
                                                                              -God Bless from a brother in Christ

Another inmate sent us this hand made card (click to read inside)


This inmate's letter is here attached:

Michael Roberts Testimonial.just initials.jpg
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