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The Circle of Beneficence



It’s been a few weeks since my last blog, the longest period since I began blogging.

May and June have been difficult months, including a demanding schedule.


In contemplating what this week’s blog should entail, the thought came to mind to

write about the subject of “circulation” and more basically—the circle. A subject

that defines the geometric shape of all life, both in the micro environment--cellular

level and at the macro stage—the universe.


You might be wondering, why write about this?  Well, imagine if you will the following:

“Picture a large circle, from the edge of which are many lines all running to the center. The nearer these lines approach the center, the nearer they are to one another. Thus it is in the Christian life. The closer we come to Christ, the nearer we shall be to one another. God is glorified as His people unite in harmonious action.”1   This is taken from a book that many who are preparing for Christ’s Second Advent probably have in their library.   


All activity of life involves circulation.  It is necessary not just for physical health, but emotional and spiritual health as well. The best place and time to learn the benefit of good circulation is in childhood. Through the history of mankind, children of all age groups have enjoyed the blessing that comes from being active in those early years, especially when it is out in nature.  Our present generation of children growing up has been robbed to a great extent of beneficial circulation in the great outdoors, due largely to the prison house of our electronic age. 


My wife and I made the choice more than 18 years ago, to raise our lovely daughter in a country home setting. In seeking the Lord for the opportunity to move from Southern Cal to escape the ‘rat race’, the time finally came and we saw the Lord’s hand leading. After staying with some friends in their mobile home, the first couple years, we found a place a few miles away with more room to roam for Brianna on 21 acres in a beautiful mountain home setting.  This was to be the location that many fond memories would occur for the whole family over the next 11 years.  Looking back, though we encountered some real challenges during this time, we would not trade it for anything.


The mountain air and simple natural environment allowed for much physical exercise for the whole family.  As Brianna grew older, she loved to play hide and seek with Dad, running over the green hills on the property, especially in the spring from her dog Jabel—precious memories indeed.  Oh how important parents give priority to raising children in ‘care-free’ rural setting. Another statement along these lines comes to mind: “In order for children and youth to have health, cheerfulness, vivacity, and well-developed muscles and brains, they should be much in the open air, and have well-regulated employment and amusement.”2 Combining this outdoor recreation with the homeschooling activities brought proper circulation of blood to the brain and body and paid rich dividends for all of us. It truly pays to be in harmony with heaven sent counsel. 


We attribute much of Brianna’s mental acuity and development to the environment she was raised in for most of her growing years.  We believe it gave her tremendous advantage in life and paved the way for the Spirit of God to lead her spirit into desiring mission service for her life work.  I will leave you with the wise counsel of the wise man:  “Train up a child in the way he {she} shall go and when old, he shall not depart from it.”3  Though Brianna never lived out her life on this earth, she did live a full and active life, which will be resumed in eternity in the near future. Yes, it was short, but it is our purpose now to show how God turned it for His glory.



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