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The Rocky Trail


As summer is waning, it was fitting to describe the “rocky trail” we traverse every handful of days. As per the pictures, Mary and I have been involved a summer ritual of watering the plants by the cross. I’ve posted pictures in the past of what our Campfire (Paradise) did to the surrounding area five years ago this November. Many who went through it will never forget. It was a miracle the cross survived intact, as it should have burned up like the plants around it, all the way to the roots. (see the blog, with pictures from that time.)

Yesterday marks eight years, and eight months since we lost our precious

daughter. And with the recent fire on the Hawaiian Island of Maui,

memories of not only the Paradise Campfire, but the loss of our daughter

come vividly back to mind. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the untold

number of parents who have lost children suddenly from that horrendous

tragedy earlier this month, especially in the historic town Lahaina, with

many hundreds still missing.  These are signs of the times indeed.

But this rocky trail we traverse once, sometimes twice a week to water the

naturally growing cactus type of growth, along with the Lavender plants

and true cactus by the cross, reminds us of the trials—the rough road we

and many others must travel in this life. In the Springtime, it is green with

beautiful flowers and grass, as you could expect in the Spring, but as the

days warm with the approach of summer, the path dries out and more

rocky ground appears, as you see in the photos. The hot dry days of

summer as we walk this path with our water containers are a living parable

of the fiery trials the apostle Peter references in the Bible that God’s children must pass through in this life. Oh how we long for the completion of this journey. Truly, that day is nearing.

                                                                           May you be encouraged to press-on as you see the day approaching. Gird up                                                                                    your loins, be of good courage, trust all to God, for the final crisis is coming and                                                                             we have just a little time to prepare. But then the time will come~ the                                                                                                 deliverance for the overcomer.

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