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Up in the Clouds

Brianna’s interest in flying can be traced to reading the book about David Gates, Mission Pilot and soon thereafter spending hours on a flight simulator computer program with her cousin.  This sprouted the interest which bore fruit in attending a private school in TN which trained high school students to become pilots. She thus began flying during her 15th year. Brianna became a solo pilot a few days after her 16th birthday. A short time later, she surprised her parents with excitement in a flyover their home in TN—it was indeed a moment of pride. All her training paid off when during an Autumn day in October, she passed her private pilot’s practical exam and could officially claim private pilot licensure.   She was expecting to take her commercial exam for her commercial license in January 2015

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Photos From above

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The Planes she Flew

Brianna's flight over Sutter Butte Mountains, the smallest mountain range in the world, located in Sutter County, CA. These are remnants of eroded volcanic lava domes. (See pictures below and right)

These two photos were taken on November 8, 2013 Oroville, CA Airport. This is a testimony from Mr. Miller of a flight he took with Brianna.


"The yellow plane was the one we flew to my brothers house where he and his wife live in Healdsburg, CA. I had told Brianna that the Cessna 150 was too small for my 6' 220 pound body and I wanted to fly in the bigger plane.  I wanted to fly over his house and take photos as he built his house on a hill. Kip and wife Betty purchased 100 acres, leveled the top and he built his house.


The two plane trips I took with her I will never forget.  She was a professional pilot.  While she was preparing the plane, I wanted to help her and she would have none of it.  I was a passenger and nothing more.  I soon learned that licensed pilots are responsible for the airplane and the flight.  She had to make sure everything was in order".

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June 15, 2014 Brianna having fun up in the sky w/ her aerobatics

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