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BWP Foundation put in a request with Butte County to "Adopt" the highway section from Lookout Point going west on Skyway for a mile. We have chosen to help our county in keeping the highway clean along this stretch of road.

This is just another visible sign as reminder of the dangers of drowsy driving.

Another breakthrough for BWP was the approval by the following state agencies:

CHP, DMV, the Office of Traffic Safety, and the California State Transportation Agency, to put up a "Drowsy Driving" message on Cal-Trans changeable message signs from November 4 to 10 as part of Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. The message will read:  “Feel Drowsy? Exit and Rest.” Millions of drivers will see

this message during that week. We trust it will have a positive impact.

This was accomplished by much perseverance and prayer.  Our continued efforts in bringing awareness to drowsy driving and our other  involvements with Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation is our way of bringing good out of  such a horrible loss we experience on a continuing basis. This is our way of giving back in order to keep our daughter's legacy alive.


Until next time,

"Don't Drive Drowsy."

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