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News Updates from BWP


This page has been created to keep you abreast of all news developments related to Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation. It will highlight current and future happenings that may be of special interest to our viewers. We are glad to make this available for you.



BWP   News  Update

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Our First Newsletter  2022

This year we decided to send out a newsletter of the blessings BWP Foundation has can read about it here

3D Signs on Skyway.jpg

Since the beginning of the year we have been collaborating with our local county road department officials concerning putting up a couple permanent drowsy

driving signs...

Latest Drowsy Driving Update


An Early Exit

God’s Pre-determined Plan

As we are approaching 60 months since we lost our precious Brianna, this is a

difficult time for her parents. But we are encouraged...

New Rails 

The long expected guardrails have finally arrived out in front of Brianna's cross.

Two satisfied parents as a result.  This picture however, was taken just a week before

the deadliest fire in State history.

Saved From Fire

We recently received word from two news reporters who shared their photos of the cross as they drove by that it was not burned. We realized Divine protection was once again granted in this horrible ordeal that burned up Paradise and much of our community on November 8.  But there is more, please click to read on.

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On to I F R  Training

Our Bolivian pilot, Miguel Farias has recently enrolled in a flight school in Bolivia to continue his aviation training for his instrument rating.  To read more on his ongoing journey with aviation training, click below.   

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