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Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation

Pilot - Photogropher  - Scuba Diver

Wings of Passion

P.O. Box 1456

Magalia, CA 95954

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Brianna's "  Wings of Passion"

Missionary Pilot

Her Life and Story

The purpose for Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation (BWP) is to provide resources necessary to assist serious minded individuals who have a longing desire for mission aviation and media ministry.  We believe that this is what Brianna would desire, as her parents to carry on her legacy. We thus have focused on enabling mission minded people, who have a “passion” for ministry either domestically or abroad to share the gospel of Christ through these avenues.


As can be understood from Brianna’s website, she had a focus to work overseas as a mission pilot, aviation mechanic, media specialist/ photographer and medical professional with the aim to relieve suffering, minister to the impoverished and thus extend the hands of Jesus to hasten His coming. To continue this work has become the aim of this Foundation. Due to the experience she gained from her two mission trips and trip to Japan as a photographer, she was supportive of people utilizing their education and skills in mission service. An example of this was correspondence her parents found, after her death. She had been communicating for over a year with a young man she had met on social media who lived in Jamaica. Inspired to follow her example he had plans to become a pilot for overseas mission aviation. After learning of her tragic death, he became determined to obtain his pilot license for mission work abroad.


We are also working to inspire individuals with vision and drive to use their talents for the cause of God in the short time remaining of earth’s history.  Brianna had a slogan she used when confronted with new challenges and obstacles, “I can do this, I’m a pilot”.  Due to her sharp mind and quick thinking, along with the blessing of the Lord she excelled at nearly everything she put her mind to accomplish.  This catchy slogan expressed the confidence she had gained through prior achievements.

BWP has expanded the foundation by reaching out to those in the grieving process who are suffering through not only the loss of a loved one in death, but through disease, illness, job loss, incarcerated loved ones, or any other tragic occurrence so prevalent in the world today. We are also involved in speaking engagements, individual counseling, and distribution of Bibles and other numerous material.

Lastly, we are involved with our 3D Awareness Campaign. You can read more about it here:

If we can positively impact others with embracing this vision by applying it, not only to achieving their goals as outlined above, but in learning to trust God fully with their time and talents, than we believe the purpose of the Foundation will have been realized.  Our satisfaction as entrusted directors:  faithful stewardship.

Check back frequently for updates on our news page.


--Foundation Directors


A 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

A 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

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