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 Testimonials of Grief & Healing

This page contains links to tragic life experiences which come to families suddenly, unexpectantly, without warning and at times through a prolonged illness. No matter the case, we "all" experience suffering in times of tragedy.


Through these stories we hope that you can find encouragement while reading how others are dealing with their adversities.



Written Testimony

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Kimberly Van Bibber

The closing moments with Brianna at crash site on Dec. 19th, 2014.

Life sketch --

Nathan Boyle

"The Two Between Us."

 Nathan Boyle

Life sketch --

Kimberly Rebekah Orozco,

"Our Little Girl"

Kimberly Rebekah Orozco

Life sketch --

Bobby Herman,

"My Little Brother"

Bobby Herman


Pat Arrabito's Video

Testimony regarding

her tragic loss.

Pat Arrabito

Richard and HollieAnne_edited.jpg

Kay White's Testimony

of her son, Richard

Ashton White

Life sketch --

Brayden Caleb Watts "Extraordinary Living Through Christ'

 Brayden Caleb Watts

Life sketch --

Hannah Frog

Hannah Frog

Life sketch --

Donald Hunt

'Tragic loss of a son and brother"

 Donald Hunt

Life sketch --

Seth Cox,

"A Light to Others"

 Seth Cox

"Celebration of Life"

It was on this trip home that the Holy Spirit told me that He wanted me to write down all the events that had and were about to take place.

Lawrence Edward Abell

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