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Who We Are


As the parents of Brianna Cassidy, we decided on setting up a website in our daughter’s name for a number of reasons. We saw this as a way to continue Brianna’s legacy, a way to allow other grieving parents who have lost a child to tell their story, an avenue for others to be impacted by our daughter’s life story and for the general purpose of healing which only the Spirit of God can bring to hurting souls. By so doing we believe God will be honored and more people influenced to make better life choices.


In addition to this purpose, we have set up Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation to further Brianna’s cause—medical mission aviation and media ministry. By using her legacy to influence and assist others, particularly young people to devout their life to mission service, BWP will contribute to blessing others. This action will prevent Brianna’s death from being in vain and will help fulfill, at least in a small way the Great Commission and hasten the Lord’s Second Coming.


Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation is not only a non-profit organization, but it is also a ministry. It is unique in this aspect because it has been birthed in a death, that of our only child. Thus it has a compelling purpose for its existence.


Though time will pass and many will forget, we cannot forget, neither other families who have lost loved ones.  Therefore, we ask for continual prayer through this difficult process. Also we ask that you promote Brianna’s legacy here by sharing her story with others.


                                                                                                Truly, Rod & Mary Cassidy


Rod and Mary Cassidy stand next to a memorial where their daughter Brianna Cassidy, 19, was killed (by William Sanford, then 21) in Dec. 2014. Sanford was sleepy, but not intoxicated or on his cell phone. The Butte County District Attorney's office did not prosecute, to the chagrin of the Cassidys.


By Trevor Warner, Paradise Post


Our Dear Precious Brianna:


      We want to thank you for helping us to become who we are.  You planted within our hearts a vision that we could become whatever we set our minds to accomplish through God’s power.  You were instrumental in strengthening our family unit, even our marriage . You impressed upon us the importance of telling one another how much we loved each other multiple times a day.  You showed what loyalty is in a family.  We could not have asked for a better gift from God in a child. You will be truly missed.  Though the pain and grief of your absence is keenly felt, we look eagerly and with resolve to the resurrection day when we will be reunited never more to part.


                                                          We love you dearly,

                                                                                              Mom and Dad

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