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 Brianna's Memorial

 Special Thanks

Behind the Scene:

Bob Bracewell-- For Your Gentle Touch 

Mark Cameron-- Help with "Personal Possessions"

Moita Lindgren-- Ten Toes Photography

Chris Quevedo -- Videographer and Editor

Pat Gross-- Program Coordinator and Special Friend

Action News Chico-- Vanessa Vasconcelos

First Responders-- Remarkable Efforts

Chris Wolf-- Website Designer (cousin)



Tyrell McKenzie-- Special Music

Janice Britton-- Special Music

Pastor Kostenko-- Trumpet Duet with Jim Miller

Jim Miller-- Trumpet Duet with Pastor Kostenko



Pastor and Mrs. Leamon-- Guest Speaker and Violin Solo

Pastor David Gates-- Guest Speaker who Inspired Brianna to Become a Mission Pilot

Pastor Kostenko-- Host Speaker

Pastor and Mrs. Cain-- Guest Speaker at Graveside Service and Personal Messages

Manuel Herrera-- Speaker and Sponsor of Brianna Cassidy


Love and Support:

Orozco Family-- For welcoming us into your Family

Kimberly Van Bibber-- Sharing our Daughter's Last Moments

Manuel Herrera-- For Strengthening Her Faith

Janice and Dean Taber-- For Your Friendship

Dr. and Mrs. Craig Boyle-- For Your Friendship

"Gofundme" Supporters

All Those Who Ministered to us with Food, Prayers, and Support

CMM Team-- For Your Prayers and Support

Pastor Bill Liversidge-- For your Anointing Prayer

Grant Agadjanian-- For your Continued Support and Prayers

Dr. Niswonger-- For Your prayers and Support

Bob and Francine Niles-- For Your Tender Compassion

Caroline Steele-- Coordinating The Efforts For The Class of 2013

Sarah Lamb-- For being a Good friend

Mr. and Mrs. Miller-- Your Love For Brianna 

David and Lisa Martin-- For Sharing With us on how Brianna impacted Your life

Tom Hagler-- For Believing in Brianna and Allowing Her the Opportunity To Work on Her AMP and being a Good Friend

Chuck Topalian-- For Being The BEST Instructor She Had and a Good Friend

Leon Whidby--Thank you for Giving Brianna the Time of Her Life

Maranatha Volunteers Int'l-- For Inspiring Brianna into Mission Work and We Thank All the Volunteers for Accepting Her into your Families

Maria Molleda-- For Loving Brianna as Your Own

Threads Of Hope Staff-- For Making Brianna Feel Like Part of the Team

Sandy Avera and Claudia Grenga-- For Being Such Good Friends to Brianna and Loving Her

Carol Donalson-- For Being a Good Listener

Tess Watson-- For Becoming a Friend Full of Compassion and Giving us the opportunity to Further Our Daughter's Legacy

Ethel Watts-- For Allowing us to Share our Daughter's Mission Experiences

Annee Moore-- For your Tribute to Brianna

Kohls Dept. Store-- Thank You For Giving Her the Opportunity to Work at Her Favorite Store

DriveSavers, Inc.-- For recovering sensitive data

Liz Ruiz-- Verizon support




God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus-- For Being " The Most Important " of All, by Giving Us our Precious Gift, Brianna and Using Her As Your Hands and Feet 

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