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We are starting a new segment on Brianna’s life when she was young. Memories from years gone by that we cherish.


May you be touched and blessed with this new section.

The Inside Story of Jonah & Daniel

It has been seven months since beginning this memory page. Why the lengthy delay? Good question, a number of reasons.  But what inspired this memoir  was a sermon, Mary and I watched over a recent weekend on the subject of Jonah, but from the lens of a last day perspective.  During the message, it reminded me of my daughter and how we had a ‘whale of time’ reading the story of Jonah. I’d like to share those memories of twenty years ago.

- - - - -

Once upon a time there was a little girl of two and then three and later four years of age, who we started reading from two books these precious Bible stories to when she was a toddler.{What a pity parents rob the future of their children, by neglecting to read stories, especially from the Bible when they are young. It etches in their minds truths that one day the Holy Spirit will use to connect them with their Saviour.}

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