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Memento Stone

The day of Brianna's Memorial Service, upon arriving at the church, we were surprised to find a 'token of love' from her employers in TN, Threads of Hope Thrift Store. We were so touched to receive this engraved stone for our garden, as a memorial piece of the fond memories they shared with her.


Before arriving in TN, Brianna had suffered the loss of her grandfather. She was still dealing with the emotional aftermath when we left for TN. Those early months in a new location on the other side of the country, in a new home, with no one we knew--this was a difficult time for the whole family. We decided to encourage Brianna to get involved with others, thus deflecting from her emotional pain.  As a thrift store,Threads of Hope proceeds go toward helping abused children. Brianna quickly won the hearts of those she worked with and loved helping those less fortunate. Upon returning to TN for a visit in May of 2014, Brianna reconnected with some of those at the thrift store.


Tennessee held a very special place in Brianna's heart. It was there that she learned to fly, there that she ventured into scuba diving, there that she acquired the art of photography, there she volunteered at Threads of Hope. Thus, to receive this special memento stone from those Brianna had connected with, was indeed precious to us.

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