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The last few weeks has brought a flurry of activity for us. This has been

beneficial in a number of ways for us in that not only are we remaining

busy, but more of our days are direct ministry involvement with others.

God is purposely moving the ‘pieces on the chess board’ sort of speak to

bring us into contact with those God sees fit for us to meet. We are noticing

that over the last couple months, these opportunities have been increasing.



On May 14th, we had our third radio interview with Curtis Smith on his

program, Christ Today. This has opened other doors which we will be telling

you about in a future blog. (The broadcast link is on the “Who We Are” page,

for those who desire to hear it.)


On May 21st, we were honored to attend the unveiling of Brad Muñiz bench he built to honor Brianna. The unveiling occurred at the end of his presentation for his senior project. We then departed to the Oroville Airport, where it was placed as a memorial of our daughter to be a blessing to others. (Video of Brad’s presentation is located at the “Remembering Brianna” page.)


On May 27th, 30th and 31st 3ABN Radio broadcast our interview with Angela Lomacang back in March. This we believe to have been our best interview and the one which has had the widest reach.  (For those who haven’t heard it, it is also located at the “Who We Are” page.)


On June 5th, we had the privilege of being interviewed a second time, by our local Action News 6 out of Chico.  Vanessa, the reporter who broke our story originally back in December, extended a follow up segment once we have the Foundation set up.  So Mary called her to see if she’d like to do a story on Brad’s Bench dedicated to Brianna.  She enthusiastically said, “Yes”. After interviewing Brad, she took us out to that famous plane and interviewed us how we have been dealing with the loss and or focus in setting up Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation. (After this airs, we will upload it to Brianna’s YouTube channel, with a link at her website.)


Then June 7th, we spent a few hours ‘in 100 degree weather’, shooting our first video for the Foundation. It is ready and viewable at Brianna’s Wings of Passion page.


More opportunities will continue as we avail to tell our story, until that Great Reunion Day. We thank the Most High for His matchless love and grace, in spite of our suffering and grief. I will leave you with this profound quote recently stated by the Pastor who baptized Brianna, a decade ago Dale Leamon:  “Jesus takes a very special interest in anything that pains our hearts. He will experience it with you and will heal you with His own suffering.”

On the Move

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