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It was my intention to write the concluding part to this blog of two weeks ago, but due to another death in the family—Brianna’s dog at just 4 and half years, I had to address that issue.


But for those of you who are not familiar, a quick recap will suffice.  In my first segment on this topic, “Secure in His Loving Arms”, I shared how a pastor responded to our request (to speak at the Benefit Event we are planning next May) and the profound thoughts he shared in that email.  In today’s blog, I will conclude with the last part of that email and some of my thoughts.

Here is that last paragraph:


"Blessings on you both. Keep in mind that seeing as you are already seated in Christ in heaven (Eph. 2:6) Jesus is not only keeping your seats warm (all 3 of you) but he has already initiated the plans for the completion of Brianna's life and character in a heavenly environment rather than an earthly. In Jesus the three of you are already seated in Heaven. Thus by faith because it is in Him that you have your being you are therefore by present at these discussions for her future. Wow!!!!!!"


After reading this email and especially this last paragraph, I sat dumbstruck trying to comprehend what I just read.  I had to read it over two or three more times. Then I shared it with Mary and she had to do the same.  It was that profound.  What an encouraging reality!!  We are ‘seated in Christ' where ‘Jesus is keeping'  our ‘seats warm'  all three of us.  Wow! Who expresses such thoughts with afflicted and grieving parents?  This is what I would want to share with others who experienced loss  of a loved one, especially the loss of a child.  How comforting and full of assurance!  Thank you Lord.  But wait, there is more.


These are plans the God-Head have already initiate ‘for the completion of Brianna’s life and character in a heavenly environment'.  This goes for all of us in this life who have to pass to the grave, trusting in Jesus.  He has promised to complete the work He began. This is to say, He will finish it in the Kingdom of glory, where no sin or defilement can corrupt.  Praise God!  This shows how much our loving Creator and Redeemer has our best interest in mind.  If He sees that our sacrifice in death (what we would call prematurely) can bring more glory to him this is actually part of His pre-determined plan. This is good news indeed!  Notice the last couple lines.


In Jesus the three of you are already seated in Heaven.’  This is truly fabulous news.  How many of us really believe it?  If we did we would show it in our lives. Since it is in Him that we have our being, we are therefore by present at these discussions for her future.’  This was the part that really struck me.  That God would include us in those discussions for her future restoration on the other side, how gracious is God!  Hallelujah!


Until next time, contemplate on these words, for they truly are pregnant with meaning.

Secure in His Loving Arms II

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