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Aviation Mission Training Program

Video is in English

Seizing Opportunities by Faith

BWP has partnered with GMI to provide scholarships for Mission Aviation. We are looking for individuals who commit to a mission service term through GMI.   If you have a deep interest and a growing conviction to serve God in Mission Aviation: include a 500 word essay, your full name, address, history, goals, plans for Misison Aviation services, include your strengths and weaknesses and how you can Benefit the Mision Aviacion and GMI program.


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The International Gospel Ministry (GMI) is a faith-based organization of volunteers who take advantage of the love of God through sacrifice to the world.  


  • Education

  • Ministry of Prisons

  • Health Care

  • Care for the abandoned and needy 

These are some of their priorities while using technology such as Aviation and the Media to level the impact and influence of their missions.  

Seeking to maximize the number of people involved and the areas attained creates service opportunities for various skills and education. Believing that time is short, decision-making reflects the sense of urgency that supports and promotes people and other organizations that share these principles.  


GMI has been a faith-based organization since its inception. David Gates, Board and Managers manage GMI with a financial philosophy built on Faith and Prayer. No project to raise funds is organized and we do not request funds explicitly. Through this philosophy of simply letting people know of needs and reaching God through prayer is that GMI has grown.


Today GMI directs and supports medical aviation programs to Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia and Norway reaching people inside with the gospel and emergency medical help. GMI maintains a total of 6 schools in Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru providing basic education and industrial training for Christians who wish to be used abroad.  


The largest Ministry of GMI is through 3 Television Channels (more in development). The advent of the Spanish-language television channel (ASTN) reaches the full Spanish-speaking world through the satellite and many areas of cable TV as well.  


The Portuguese Adventist Television Channel (APTN) will soon cover the Portuguese-speaking world and the Caribbean Family Channel (CFN) is rebuilding itself to reach the Caribbean in English and French Caribbean. A new transmission network in Romania is under development at the moment. The beautiful Christian family program provided by these channels includes children's programming, ecenas of nature, music videos, cooking programs, historical programs and biblical preaching.


GMI continues to fulfill the call of God, providing help to those in need and sharing the wonderful news of the early return of Jesus Christ with those who have not yet heard.


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