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Prison Ministry

Why Prison Ministry?


BWP Foundation has expanded into prison ministry over the last couple years, as God has opened the doors into this much in demand ministry.



Over the years, ever since Brianna was a child, we have been involved with Literature Evangelism. Growing up she loved to go out with church group outings and hand out literature in the various communities. This was one of the activities the Lord used to implant in her a practical application of her faith and study of the Scriptures.

At our Benefit Event—Hope for Hurting Hearts—BWP made available freely to all attending an important life changing book on History and prophecy. The need of providing good quality biblically sound literature continues to increase as our world becomes increasingly uncertain, unstable and even chaotic.

When COVID came we weren’t able to continue our Drowsy Driving presentations in the high schools. As a result, BWP had to re-visit its 3-D emphasis program, re-think its ministry options prayerfully that would be in harmony with its purpose as a ministry / foundation.  


A contact in jail who reached out to us, opened the door enabling access to other inmates requesting Bibles, Bible lessons and other spiritual literature. We saw this as Providential and rejoiced at the opportunity the Lord gave us at the time to minister to hungry hearts seeking for hope, comfort and truth which only He can provide.


Last year, the jail ministry expanded into the prisons and the needs have only increased dramatically.  First it was through the Chaplains, but then directly with the inmates, and now it has expanded to the families of some of these inmates. God always has a much bigger picture in mind. We are sending several Bibles out each week and other spiritual books, since the demand has continued to rise.  This is evidence, the Lord has been moving on hearts and minds in a number of prisons—souls are hungry for the truth, hungry for the word of God.

Because BWP is like Christian Book distributors, but on a much smaller scale, the Bibles and books we house are of no charge to the inmates. We know the stress on families of these inmates to support their loved ones financially, so we want to lesson that burden by giving them life changing material freely.






We welcome any and all donations
to support this cause

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