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BWP Foundation is sponsoring a medical clinic in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. There are approximately 8400 residents in Santa Cruz and so the clinic has great needs.


Typically, 12-15 patients per day just walk in and need medical attention.  Needs can range from as small as bandages and gloves, digital blood pressure cuffs and metal containers to store instruments, to as large as file cabinets, a gynocologic exam table and lamp.  Anyone  in the health profession who would like to offer their services during a short term mission trip, please enquire about volunteering. We will contact Becky Gates who is in charge of the clinic regarding your interest. Please keep the clinic in your prayers, since the need is very great for supplies and even medical equipment.

A big reason we are including the medical side of missionary support, has to do with the
interest Brianna had in this field.  She had been enrolled at a community college nursing program. Further, she had done much reading regarding health and was planning on enrolling in Uchee Pines online health emphasis courses.

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