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A Twenty-four Year Legacy

May 16


24 years ago today my daughter was born. What a joyful occasion that was, to bring our first born into the world.

How gracious our God is to make human beings in such a way as to be able to pro create. It is truly a blessing to all families, especially the household of faith, to bring children into this world for the purpose of being trained to be a benefit to society, the up building of humanity, and at last receive the eternal inheritance prepared for them.


How many cherished memories parents have stored in memories banks who have wisely invested in the child’s development for good, as that child grows, learns and becomes that which makes her or his parents proud to look back on. What a blessing it is for parents to enjoy relationships with their children well into adulthood.


What a tragedy it is for some of us to be robbed of that blessing.  The Creator and Redeemer knew this would happen to some families on earth, because we live in a world torn and tattered by sin.  But He has promised to those parents who have experienced such loss that “thy work shall be rewarded,” for those children “shall come again from the land of the enemy.” {Jeremiah 31:16}. He will restore to us those lost years {Joel 2:25}, with a recompense that will reap dividends into eternity.  


We eagerly look forward to that time when our lost Brianna will be restored to her mother and father. It will come with a harvest of souls touched by her short life on earth.


I close this blog with these precious words written eight months after we lost her by a friend who expressed such touching words regarding our daughter. Three weeks after he wrote these words, we lost our brother Bill also in death.


       “Is it possible in heaven where the past and the future is eternally present in God's time that Brianna

       will be able to see (as on video for e.g.) how her life would have continued had she been permitted to

       live on. I am confident, if this becomes possible, that her praise to God will be at a higher octave than

       her former limits because she will see beyond any shadow of doubt how God's plan for an early exit

       from this mortal life was not only in her best interest but was God's way for holding her secure in

       His loving arms so that her future life would follow His pre-determined plan. It is the kind of

       magnificent love and thoughtfulness that I am beginning to see with clarity in the character and

       actions of the God-head.


       Blessings on you both. Keep in mind that seeing as you are already seated in Christ in heaven (Eph 2:6)

       Jesus is not only keeping your seats warm (all 3 of you) but he has already initiated the plans for the

       completion of Brianna's life and character in a heavenly environment rather than an earthly. In Jesus

       the three of you are already seated in Heaven. Thus by faith because it is in Him that you have your

       being you are therefore by present at these discussions for her future. Wow!!!!!!”


May these words inspire you to press forward, so that you too will be a part of the grand reunion party, where we will never more part. What a day that will be!!

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