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Don Schneider and Larry Caviness discuss the tragic loss of his son.

"For the Newly Bereaved"

Arlene R. Taylor PhD


A leading speaker on brain function, is sometimes referred to as the brain guru. She specializes in simplifying this complex topic, with the goal of helping individuals understand more about the brain in general and their own in particular.


She delights in helping others learn how to thrive by design. Whether through live presentations, television and radio, CDs and DVDs, or through her internationally published books and articles, success stories pour in from the four corners of the world. 


See her work "Here"

Nicklis Stevens' Story

Pastor Morris Venden, Speaks about the "Fellowship in Suffering" at the Montana Campmeeting 2000

“8 Things the Loss of Our Daughter Has Taught Us!”  Child loss is a loss like no other.  One often misunderstood by many...



Pastor Lee Vendon's Son Chris.jpg
Pastor Morris and Lee Venden--
"Enough Faith to Not Be Healed"
A telling experience of Travis. 
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