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A Sure and Steadfast Hope

About a week ago, the Lord led me to some comforting passages in His word. Before I share with you what came to me, let me say that sometimes we set out on a journey, only to be side tracked or even disappointed, since we do not reach our intended destination. “It is not in man that walks to direct his steps”, the wise man relates to us. The loss of a child, really brings this front and center. Though we think we control the direction of our lives, we really do not. We really are at the mercy of an all loving God, who at times permits tragedy, not to bring unnecessary suffering, but to bring us to Him, through the circumstance, or to bring others to Him. Remember the story of Job in the Bible.


LIFE is really fragile.  Just imagine what might happen if you woke up today and received a phone call that your sister or brother, had fallen and broken his leg and then a call came in that an uncle died, then you arrived to work only to receive a pink slip, that this was your last day on the job.  Then on the way home you received a call from the hospital that your wife had been in a major car collision and was in intensive care and your two your old was killed. So you rush over to the hospital and on the way, you have a blowout and lose control of the wheel and roll the vehicle twice, in the process involving another vehicle, where a mother and child were killed. I realize this scenario is highly unlikely, but the probability is still there that at any time, major multiply disasters could transpire very quickly in one’s life.


We live in a world gone awry. There is a war going on, a war that began in heaven after the first created angel became discontent and wanted something more. He coveted God’s power and position, but not His character. This war has been taken up on earth and we are in the final round. The enemy, that old serpent called the devil and Satan is the greatest terrorist the world has even known and he is on the loose--to kill, steal and destroy. The good news for us, the decisive battle was fought at the cross and won, by the One who is the “Champion of Love.”


Now back to the comforting passages which brought me joy a week ago, the Lord led me too. Hebrews 6 states that God repeated to Abraham the New Covenant promise (vs.13,14). Then in vs. 16, we read that men “sware by an oath” as guarantee. So, God was willing more abundantly to show unto the heirs (you and me) His immutability and confirmed it by an oath. And in vs. 17, that {by the promise and the oath, it was impossible for God to lie.  As a result, we might have a strong consolation to lay hold of the hope set before us a) both sure and steadfast b) as an anchor to the soul c) that has entered into the veil.  JESUS, the forerunner (Pathfinder).

This hope involves God making us righteous, (Rom.5:2), not just declaring us righteous. But He can only make those righteous who respond to Him whole heartedly.  That is good news indeed and very comforting to me. Though Brianna missed out on the horrible tragedies and terrible destruction of the last days, God has preserved her for something better. We thank Him, realizing He is in charge, knowing the end from the beginning. 


Keep looking up the final round of earth’s battle has almost begun.

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