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Miguel & Family Part  2


I'm Miguel, with my wife Mirta, we have been married for 27 years. God blessed us with three talented daughters. In our constant desire to excel, God allowed us to live in different places as a family. We both are Argentinians, from Santa Fe. Mirta, born into a family who is a pioneer of Adventism in South America, which began in Felicia, Santa Fe, around 1885. At the time, some Swiss-French families (Dupertuis, Arn, Dobantón, Pidoux, etc.) belonging to the Baptist church, began to observe the Sabbath and soon accepted the Seventh Day Adventist faith by reading publications from Europe. Thanks to that conversion, today there are grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren who continue to carry on a strong missionary spirit. These descendants have become pastors, health professionals and missionaries, with the strong conviction that the world must hear this wonderful Adventist message. 

We decided, at a very early age to prepare our daughters to be missionaries abroad, serving people in need. But we never imagined that God would use us in this way. With a strong desire to be a pilot, since a little boy, God led me to read many stories about missionaries, especially aircraft medical missionary work. In August 2014, He offered us the mission field through Gospel Ministries International. Currently, we are working on the campus of the Christian channel Red ADvenir in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I'm helping in the areas of mechanical, electrical and welding and I am also studying to become a private pilot at the airport El Trompillo, thanks to BRIANNA'S WINGS OF PASSION FOUNDATION, my sponsors. My wife, Mirta, is a Physical Therapist and the leader of the Mission Project "Send Me" who prepares medical missionary trips in northeastern Bolivia where there is a great need of medical help. Our youngest daughter, Lara, is with us doing home school and the older daughters, Sharon and Karen are studying in the United States at Ouachita Hills College and Wildwood College of Health Evangelism. Both our elder daughters are in  Adventists colleges dedicated especially to the preparation of missionaries.

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