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B W P  Sponsored Pilot


We’d like to introduce to you our sponsored pilot from Bolivia, Miguel Farias and his wife Mirta and their daughter Lara. You may recall a picture of Sharon and I which was taken at the GC Session in San Antonio 2015. Sharon is Miguel and Mirta’s eldest daughter and at the time we meet was the same age as Brianna, 19.


This has been Miguel’s dream to be a mission pilot since he was a teenager. It has been a blessing to invest in a godly person who understands and aligns with the mission philosophy of BWP Foundation. Miguel and his family are also involved with medical mission outreach. Mirta, is a Physical Therapist who donates as volunteer with the local medical clinic, which Becky Gates runs. In addition Mirta and her daughter orchestrate a quarterly mission trip deep into the interior of Bolivia. Miguel is one of God’s multi-talented workers. He has spent much time as a mechanic worker on vehicles and tractors for GMI and more recently as a contractor building desperately needed homes and apartments for other mission families in the area. He also has experience working in GMI’s radio station on the property.


Just recently, last week, Miguel had the opportunity to fly BWP’s C182 which at the time was about to be flown to Peru, its intended destination. So our sponsored pilot was honored to fly our airplane for the glory of God. This was a thrill to learn that by the graciousness of Brad Grant, the prior owner of the 182, this airplane has blessed so many along the way to Peru and keep Brianna’s legacy alive.

Stay Tuned for more on this in our next segment…


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