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An Attitude Expressing Gratitude

One of the most underappreciated segments of our society is our First Responders.  This came home to us under the most stressful of life’s occurrences—the death of a child.  I must confess, if it hadn’t happened, I would have taken them for granted just as most people do every day.


So how many of you ever think about stopping by your local fire department or ambulance service just to thank them for what they do?  Should we not give any thought to these least appreciated professionals?  Let us not forget our law enforcement agencies. They risk their lives every single day, but how many of you ever thank them for their service.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I wanted to go by personally to thank our Emergency First Responders who did everything in their power to save our daughter.  Two of the fire department captains we spoke with, were really affected by our daughter’s tragic story. The first one, we found out, happened to be the first fire engine on the scene—the captain himself being the one to pull our daughter from the vehicle.  The other station captain we expressed appreciation to, had not personally been there, but was so affected by the story his men brought back that he just cried with us.  We spent about 15 minutes with him at the close of business.  He has a 16 year old girl, who just learned to drive, with the same name—Brianna. {He will never forget our daughter.} The day after the tragedy, he took his daughter to the crash site and explained to her how quickly life can be taken from us. Every time he drives by that location, he thinks about that fateful day. We trust our few minutes with him, showing our appreciation, will have a lasting impact.


But what really struck us came to light when I asked him how many ever come by to thank him and his crew for doing their jobs, day in and day out—which we all depend on.  He told us that in his 30 year career, he has only had one other time a family came by to thank them. This was a true shock. Just twice in 30 years!


How often we take people for granted.  How seldom do these professionals receive even a card or note in the mail expressing appreciate of their emotionally demanding work. The Scriptures are clear on this subject that “in everything we are to give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.”  1 Thessalonians 5:18. 


I would encourage each in the next few days or even next week to stop by your local fire department, ambulance service, police/sheriff department and thank them for their faithful  service—risking their lives to keep us safe, to help rescue us and doing it day in day out, year after year.


Let us all remember to be more thankful in everything. Do we not all like to be appreciated?  Then let us express more than we do this attitude of gratitude.




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