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A week ago, we received a call from a lady who was perhaps the first individual on the scene of the collision 26 months ago which took the life of our precious daughter, Brianna. This revelation brought mixed emotions.  But let me back up and share how this came to light.


Back in January, Mary decided to pick up the Traffic Collision Report and review it again. Then to her surprise she noticed the CHP had taken down a witness name and address, but not statement. This was odd. The pages were in sequence, but no statement or testimony. Why?


So she decided to write this lady, hoping she would contact us. Well, a few weeks later, lo and behold we received a call on Friday morning. It was the ‘witness’ who never gave her statement.   What came from this conversation provided some “missing pieces” to this whole terrible tragedy. Wow!



Another Piece of the Puzzle


In sharing her view point of what happened and how she was actually the first person on the scene (just before Kimberly and her husband were able to make it across the road), she shared with us information we had not heard before. She detailed from her perspective the movements of this driver she thought was “under the influence”. What stood out most prominently in her remarks was this testimony, {paraphrasing her} if this driver who had almost hit me twice, had succeeded, I would have gone off the road over the right embankment and could have lost my life. For some time after, I asked God daily why Brianna was taken and not me? One day it dawned on me that I was not ready. Brianna died so that I could live.


When Mary finished the phone call, we just broke down and cried.   For more than two years, no one contacted this lady about her eyewitness account and she had wondered why. We wondered why too? I’m so glad my wife wrote her and she reached out to us.  It was a difficult and emotional conversation for this lady. She a young lady, who was in her late 20s, was deeply affected by this tragedy. We saw God’s hand and timing in connecting us. She did not know the rest of the story. We shared with her about our website, that we had a foundation and encouraged her to go, read and listen to Brianna’s life story and other resources available there. We hope she has done that and it has been a blessing to her.


Though painful to go over events of that day, as we listened to her story, we were comforted that Brianna’s life impacted this girl just a few years older in such a dramatic way.  Praise be to God. One day all the “whys” will be answered”, all the questions resolved; God will get all the glory, since more souls will be in the kingdom through her early departure in this life.


“God never leads His children otherwise they would choose to be lead, if they could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose they are fulfilling as co-workers with Him.” -- DA 224-5 

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