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Brad Muñiz and a Work of Art


{This article was written in May 2015.} Five months ago, (just days before Christmas), Brianna Cassidy was tragically hit head-on by a senseless, reckless on Skyway. We happened to be passing by this horrific scene just minutes later. That night we prayed, as her family was so heavy on our hearts. We then found out that a friend of ours was on the phone with 911 behind this reckless driver and seconds later witnessed this horrible tragedy. Kimberly Van Bibber held Brianna's hand as she breathed her last breath.


It was but a few days later that God put a desire in Brad's heart to use his Senior Project in a way that would honor and pay tribute to this beautiful, 19 year old woman. He met with her parents and they were so moved by his wish. In the few hours that he spent with them, he quickly learned that Brianna was an only child, a lover of God, lived her life with purpose and a passion to help others, and had a huge heart for the missionary much that she already became a pilot and was enrolled to begin nursing school in Jan 2015! She gathered medical supplies and necessities for orphanages, already preparing for her next trip. Brad quickly learned of the beautiful legacy in which Brianna had left, and this inspired him to pour his heart and time into his project for the next 3 months.


It was yesterday that he presented this beautiful memorial bench to her parents. It was a beautiful, though emotional, presentation for all who witnessed this. Rod and Mary decided to place this bench where Brianna received her pilot's license and loved spending her time (Table Mountain Aviation).


                                                                                  - - - - -             - - - - -            - - - - -


We pray this bench will not only bless her dear parents, but also serve as a reminder to all that life is a precious gift and tomorrow is never promised.. Brianna lived a life that truly exemplified Christ's love, and now we rejoice in knowing she has received the gift of ETERNAL LIFE!


Mary Cassidy, even though we never had the honor of meeting your precious daughter, she has forever impacted the hearts of this entire family! Blessed am I to call you my sister in Christ!


     - Debbie N LJ Muñiz



"Months ago, when you came to us, Brad to request permission to do your 'Senior Project' about Brianna, we thought it would be an honor--thinking it entailed just a written report for class.  But when you laid out your vision that the project involved the construction of a bench you would build, to be placed in one of Brianna's special locations we were deeply touched at how it would continue her legacy.


Months later at your class presentation and the unveiling of the bench we were spellbound. Words cannot convey our appreciation for your labor of love you put into the bench to honor our daughter. God has a special work for you to do. You will be forever in our thoughts. 


      - Deeply grateful, Rod & Mary



















"We want to give special thanks to Dragon Graphics for offering their services and on short notice to Brad Muniz in his special remembrance gift in behalf of our daughter, Brianna. Thank you for your donation."   

       -  Sincerely, Rod and Mary   





News Report on Brad and his Bench                      Click on link to watch.

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