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Benefit Highlights

Neville Peters
Michael Harris & wife, Rina and Karen
Rina, Neville & Braedon
Taj Pacleb Preaching
The Dome with Sandra and Team and Neville
Sanja and Group
Sandra's Group with Taj and Dee
Sandra CD
Sandra & Team w Rod & Mary
Sandra & Team with Taj, Neville & Mothusi
Sandra and group
Sandra & Team & Rina
Rod and mary and Neville
Rod Cassidy Speaking
Rod Taj & Rina
Rod & Mary, Dr. Taylor, Grant, Jaime & Rina
Rina & Arlene Taylor
Sandra CD
Unscene Group Inc. at Yosemite

On May 14 and 15th, BWP hosted its very first fundraiser /community event, "Hope for Hurting Hearts".

The weekend started with a morning service at the First Christian Church in Paradise, CA. Missionary pilot, David Gates was the featured speaker followed with uplifting music selections by Sandra Entermann and Neville Peter. The service was spirit filled and captivated the listeners with inspiring mission stories how God blesses His people who lay all on the altar by faith for Him.  It gave a real morale boost for the fundraiser event that evening and the next.

Though we were prepared for a larger attendance, the Lord blessed us with approximately 650 capping off the event  with literature distribution and blessing the people with light refreshments and dessert.  Further, the Lord gave opportunity to minister to the hurting, also by providing materials by the various ministries represented.

Despite the many blessings, we had some serious challenges and attacks from the enemy, including health issues.  Yet, through it all the Lord brought us a victory bringing those who were meant to be in attendance.

Lives were touched and changed through the ministry of music and powerful messages presented. For some we believe it was life changing.

The event was not just to focus on Brianna's life and legacy, but to impact positively the community with a message of hope in a troubled world. Weeks after the event we still had people expressing gratitude for us having this event.

The amount BWP received from the event approximated $8,000.



To view the event click "Here"

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