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Blessed is the man...

This memory traces back to those early years Brianna made special mementos for her father.  This one came at a time when I was working for myself during the time period Brianna was 8 or 9 years of age and so I had more time at home.


She made this special work of art, with the Bible text, cutting out the different colors of paper, writing the text and then laminating it. 

She did this for me, out of love.  Looking back on these special times, brings tears to my eyes , for unlike most parents, I cannot tell her how much these precious gifts mean to me. {How important we cherish our children while we have them.}

What would a parent do to have one more opportunity to tell their child, how much they are loved? To express gratitude for the gifts like this our children make for us, what would a parent do to thank them even in their adult life? 


While writing out this memory, I was listening to a song by Neville Peter, “Tears in Heaven”, oh how touching, as I paused and listened to the words. Some parents may have their children now, but they will be without them in the Kingdom one day—Tears in Heaven.   You can listen to it here. 




I hope it will inspire you to pray and plead earnestly for your children if they are out of the faith. The Lord desperately wants to save them…the question is, do we? Why not enter into that burden on His heart, assisting Him in relieving that burden He bears by cooperating with Him in praying for your children. You yourself will be richly blessed and in the process, maybe reach your children. 

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