C 182 Part 2




When Daniel Baquero arrived to pick up the 182, we were so taken by his humility and sacrificial attitude in coming from Venezuela to the U.S. We spent some time with him realizing how thankful we are for the peace in America we still enjoy. We quickly bonded with Daniel due to the grief he has gone through in losing his wife a few years back. Thus, a single father he has continued alone to raise three children in the mission field. God has truly blessed his efforts.


As the plane departed into the sky leaving the Oroville Airport, we experienced mixed emotions--on the one hand thankful to God that we could dispatch this 'bird' to continue Brianna's legacy of blessing to others, but on the other felt as though a part of her was 'leaving us' again.


We believe God will furnish us with more aircraft for hastening His coming!