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Friends Forever


                                                                                  As we continue to press forward and the Lord opens new doors for Brianna’s  Wings of

                                                                                  Passion, we have come to realize an amazing development. Before I share with you that

                                                                                  development, let me back up and tell you some of these exciting new doors which have



                                                                                  While at the GC, I had opportunities to share Brianna’s legacy and that we have set up a

                                                                                  foundation to carry on the cause we believe the Lord has directed us to set in motion.

                                                                                  Those I met with shared their condolences and some came back to tell me how deeply they

                                                                                  were touched after going to her website. Upon returning back home, my wife and I have

                                                                                  pressed forward with not only planning for Brianna’s benefit concert next year, but adding

                                                                                  more material, mainly to the Foundation page.


                                                                                 Near the end of last week, we had a highlight experience.  As many of you know we are sponsoring two pilots-in-training through Gospel Ministry International. In communicating with David Gates, head of GMI, we requested him to put together a quick video clip on Brianna which we could use to attract potential donors to thus aid GMI in the aviation department.  We were delighted that the few hours of time ‘Uncle David’ had before heading back down to South America, he was able to accommodate our request. On the back end of his video informing about his trip to S.A. and all the different stops he will make along the way, he attached a short clip of Brianna and our Foundation we have set up which will positively impact the training of mission pilots.


Before I get to that amazing development I referred to in the beginning, let me say one more thing:  God truly is amazing in tragedy.  He is in the business to not only bear your burdens again—for as long as there is sin in the world, He will bear the burdens of His people, at least until probationary time closes—but to reveal His plan even through a tragic situation. Nothing catches Him by surprise and ample provision is given to all in this life no matter how difficult or challenging the journey. It is truly a travesty that so many do not avail themselves of the abundant benefits of grace, Christ has freely given.


Now finally, the amazing development we have come to realize. Brianna suffered from a condition many were not aware of, yet which many of us have also experienced in life. That condition is known as abandonment and rejection. To the surprise of some, Brianna had relatives who did not accept her for who she was and by their actions, made it clear that Brianna was not significant enough to develop

a relationship with as she grew up.  Thus, during those formative years and especially in her teen years,

she experienced that which none of us should ever have to experience, especially in childhood—the

sense of being abandoned, even rejected by family (eg. family so called). 


The Good News out of her tragedy is that God ‘hid’ her in the heart of the earth, so that in her short

full life, she would not need to experience ever again feelings of ‘abandonment’ and ‘rejection’.  And

that in the resurrection, He will amply supply that which in this life she was robbed of—friends and

family, many of which she never met, who will long to meet her, befriend her and love her. These will

truly be her ‘forever friends’. 


What an awesome God we serve!  Truly, He does all things well. Isn’t that reason enough to trust

Him? Until next time, be a friend to someone who may also be experiencing abandonment issues, 

it will do you both good.

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