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We want to express our deep appreciation to Annee for writing this thoughtful poem.

"Annee, you took the tragic loss we've experienced and brought consolation to our grieving

hearts. We know the Holy Spirit gave you the inspiration to pen such meaningful words." 

        -- Love Rod and Mary, Friends Forever

His Love Covers All


A tragedy happened, and you lost your daughter

She left behind a grieving mother and father

In His infinite wisdom, the Lord knew what to do

He sent another one’s mother, a trauma nurse, too

She held Brianna’s hand, as if she were her own

What a blessing to learn that she wasn’t alone

She sang to your loved one and called her by name

Had this been her child, she would be cared for the same

Then the Lord sent a wonderful, incredible sign

That clearly told Satan, “She’s NOT yours, she’s Mine”

The day had been dreary, the skies were dark, too

Yet with her last breath, the “Son” came shining through

Your hearts are bleeding, and our Savior’s is too.

He understands the pain that you are going through

This journey of healing, alone you won’t make

The Lord is there with you, as His hand you take

He shares all your tears, your grief, and your pain

He’s holding you up until you can stand again

The Lord never gives us more than we can bear

He will gently enfold you in His tender care

“Cast all your cares upon me”, is what we are told

That’s a promise to treasure, a promise to hold

He has promised to always be by our side,

If only in Him, our hearts shall abide

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

His love covers all, every sorrow and strife.


Annee Moore  February 2015

(A poem from a close Friend)

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