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How  Can It  Be?



The month of June 2015 has brought encouragements as well as disappointments.  The one

main one has be the outcome with the District Attorney’s office.  Though it is not necessary to

rehash all the detail, I will spend this week’s blog recapping the experience and what we’ve

noted from it and how it has affected our focus.


A few weeks ago we were called down to the DA’s Office to inform us of their decision

pending the final toxicology report that was not expected to change the outcome. After

spending 30 minutes in his office, they gave us the bottom line—no charges against the man

who took the life of our daughter.  It sounded more like arguments from a defense attorney. 

It was a difficult day driving home.  We responded with an email that night expressing our

disbelief with a number of points we hadn’t addressed while in front of the DA—which

hadn’t come to mind while in his office.  The investigating attorney, handling our case,

responded by end of week, this raised other questions. Before the weekend was over we had

spent a good portion of time thoroughly reviewing the police report with a rebuttal email

to his response. We had noted a number of minor traffic infractions that were either ignored

or just didn’t matter.  This past week, we received his reply to our rebuttal.  Their decision

stands—no criminal charges!  "Apparently, he just fell asleep--sorry, there is nothing we can do."


Wow! A man can drive recklessly, irresponsibly for a number of miles weaving in and out of the lanes, almost sideswiping two vehicles, half asleep or ‘unconscious’ and then after four minutes of this foolish driving behavior, lose control of his vehicle and veer into the median and launch up and over the five foot berm going airborne and collide head on with a beautiful 19 year old taking her life.

So where is the justice in all of this fiasco?  Don’t expect it in this life.  Now keep in mind, we are not looking for vengeance. The Bible is clear, this is God’s realm.  But how is it possible that we have come to a time in our world that human life is so little regarded? Something of this magnitude can happen with no consequences? All that can be said, is “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the end of the world.” We are thankful that God is the eternal Judge and He will have the last word.


After giving over this whole thing to the Lord and allowing Holy Spirit to give us the mind of Jesus, we felt impressed along two fronts:  1) We would start praying for this ‘reckless’ driver, since the Lord wants to save his soul too and even though he was the ‘tool’ that took our daughter away, the real enemy is the prince of darkness.  2) We need to focus on that which God has given us to reach more souls while time lasts—Brianna’s legacy, now being advanced through the vehicle of her Foundation, Brianna’s Wings of Passion.  This is the most effective way to prevent the devil’s darts from discouraging us and remain focused.  It will be worth it all one day soon. We thank the Lord that He is in charge of this ministry.


So, be of good courage, brighter days are coming.  More souls, more trophies for the glory of God and stars in our daughter’s crown. Plus eternal joy and peace with our daughter one day soon, including forever friendships with all those who will be impacted for good by her legacy.


So let the devil’s minions jump up and down, and throw their darts; we have on the shield of faith and trust in the name of the Lord our God.  We will not let the enemy steal away the experience gained in the furnace of suffering with the Prince of sufferers.  It will be worth it all one day soon! 


So Hold on, be encouraged, we are one day closer that grand reunion party. 

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