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Remembering Brianna In Peru

Two years ago, Brianna went to Ecuador on a mission trip. While there she met Maria, a translator for Maranatha Volunteers.  In this short period of time, Brianna connected with Maria and their friendship grew rapidly so that she considered her as a second mother. As warm-hearted as Maria was and still is, she invited Brianna to come to Peru, Maria’s home country, anytime--letting Brianna know that her home was Brianna’s home. Plans were made to join Maria in June 2015 in Peru. Brianna quickly began collecting items for the trip, such as dental supplies, clothing, children’s books and more.


The purpose of the trip focused on Brianna thoroughly learning the Spanish language to be able to assist Maranatha as a translator for future mission trips. She was planning on staying for at least a month, if not longer. Brianna looked forward with excitement to this trip since Maria was planning on putting her to work with the children in school, visiting the orphanage and other learning experiences. 


When our plane was donated to us in the fall of 2015, we knew exactly what country we would commission it to operate in.  Because Brianna did not live to see this dream be fulfilled, the airplane has been sent in her place to carry on her legacy.

To our surprise, we received a beautiful message from the pastor’s wife, Paula in Cusco. She went on to tell us that it was an honor to hold a Vacation Bible School and medical campaign in a local community, because of what Brianna had dreamed to do and the boxes of supplies that were sent there.  These activities where a great blessing to the children.  Paula expressed her appreciation to us, in that Brianna wanted to come to Peru and work with children. She was so moved by what God had orchestrated in these events, that she expressed wanting to go to heaven to personally thank Brianna.  She also thanked us for what had been accomplished in the community of Mosoq Yllary, Cusco. It has had great results for good.

These Pictures are from those events that Maria and Paula put together. They dedicated the VBS to Brianna by creating a large banner with her picture on it.

Gestures of this nature truly is what keeps us going in our suffering due to her loss; to know that the memory of Brianna has not been forgotten, but has continued to this day. How full of gratitude our hearts are to Maria for her thoughtful expression of love and to Paula for sharing it with us.


                                                                                 Thank You Jesus for Blessing others through our ministry.



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