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                                                     LATEST DROWSY DRIVING UPDATE


Since the beginning of the year we have been collaborating with our local county road department officials regarding putting up a couple permanent Drowsy Driving signs on our busiest highway connecting Paradise with Chico. We are glad to inform that two signs were put up earlier this month, (March 2021) the one in the photo below, the eastbound sign and a similar one westbound just past Lookout Point. Both on the inner guardrails which were installed in March of 2020.

The project went quick, since we’ve already had an established relationship with the county from the major project two years ago when guardrails were installed. These drowsy driving signs will be a reminder and hopefully a deterrent to sleepiness while driving. We are also glad and appreciative to the county for the efficiency on this project. They were kind enough to add below the sign, "In memory of Brianna Cassidy," which will help keep her legacy alive.

A few days later in April, we had an interview with Action News to inform the public of this latest development on our ongoing Drowsy Driving initiative.  Here is the link to that interview:

As stated by the reporter we are looking to take this initiative statewide--signs up on all busy roads or highways in all the counties. Perseverance and trust that God opens doors, gives us the confidence it will happen. We will keep you posted on this matter.

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