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South American Pilot  Receives Solo Certificate


Miguel Farias, our mission pilot-in-training received his solo flight certification recently and we were the first to receive the good news. Miguel is now working toward the private pilot's license which will allow him to be utilized by GMI.  Miguel and Mirta, his wife have been such an inspiration to us in their devotion to quarterly mission trips into the interior of Bolivia.  Though truly missionaries, they realize the need to do medical mission work deep along the Amazon river on a quarterly basis. 

Their next trip will be for six days, March 23-29, where they will be ministering to small villages along the
Amazon with a medical team.  You can read more about their trip at this link:


They are also looking to raise funds for medicines and to help cover costs for their trip. If God moves on your heart to support this endeavor, in the next few weeks, you can donate through our website here:


Please specify Miguel and Mirta mission trip.  Thank you. 


Miguel's Solo Landing

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