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Our Sponsored Bolivian Pilot

Two years ago we sponsored Miguel to start aviation training to obtain his private pilot's license.  Many challenges Miguel faced during this period. A good portion of the time weeks would elapse where Miguel had no flying due to weather. However, Miguel persisted, kept studying and that persistence paid off.


Well we can now announce that he has completed the training and passed the examination process necessary to obtain his private certification.  A big congratulations Miguel and praise to our kind Father in heaven for making this possible.  I'm sure it is a wonderful experience to achieve. We were glad parents the day Brianna soloed and later obtained her private license. It was rather ironic that while I've been writing up this news brief, I received a video call from Miguel and we had some chat time.

He stated that "God gave him the opportunity to accomplish this goal for Him." He knows greater doors of opportunity will open because of his pilot's training, but he is focused on more fully serving the Lord as a result of this acheivement. Miguel looks forward to using his pilot experience for trips to the interior of the country--remote villages where the needs are so great, bringing supplies, transporting medicines and even flying patients out for more serious medical care than they have access to in the jungles.

In prior news pieces, BWP has done a few stories on the progress of Miguel's flight training. We have shown his family, with his wife and three girls. His two eldest daughters are Stateside pursuing collegiate studies. Sharon, who is  Miguel's eldest is just seven months younger than Brianna, she is finishing her studies at Ouachita College in pre-med. I had the privilege of meeting her two years ago in San Antonio, TX at a Christian conference. It was a moving moment for me.  Karen, his middle child is working on an EMT in Lincoln, NE.

We've included some pictures of Miguel and his lovely wife Mirta and their youngest daughter, Lara. 

Thank you donors for contributing to BWP Foundation to make this dream of our brother in Christ a reality. We will continue to keep our supporters and those on our newsletter updated as Miguel begins accumulating flying hours toward his IFR rating.

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