News Update

 Many suffered loss, not just of their homes and possessions, but emotional loss and grief by virtually all who had been displaced as a result.  We ourselves were out of our home for nearly three months.

Yes, we are very grateful that it did not not burn. Thanksgiving must first go to the Great Protector who preserved our home and many in Magalia, but also appreciation to our firefighting crews who took a stand in Magalia to prevent more homes from being destroyed.



Many have also suffered health effects because of this horrible situation. People who have returned to their homes still standing are despondent and depressed. There is corporate grief and a constant reminder just driving to the post office or into Paradise, where a few grocery stores, businesses and banks have reopened.

Mary and I have had numerous opportunities to minister with people, sharing stories, literature and even praying with them. It will be a slow process in the recovery, but through it all the God of heaven brings hope and encouragement to those who will trust Him through this process.


Good News 

In mid-February we received word from the director of the Public Works Dept for our county, that the guard rails we have been pushing to be installed for two years, will finally become a reality this Spring.  It was some very welcome news when we received it. We will keep you posted as to when construction begins and will do an update on its completion.

Another news item to report on is the slow, but steady progress of our C182 airplane in Bolivia. In the next few weeks the engine will have been completely installed and airworthy.  Then the paperwork will be filed with the Bolivian Government for release to relocate aircraft out of the country to Guyana. There are some immediate insurance issues which need to be resolved, but we are trusting God for that to happen in the near future.

Lastly, our pilot Miguel in Bolivia is continuing his medical missionary work with his wife Mirta reaching those in the jungle villages-- supplying medicines,  teaching basic hygiene and transporting sick people to medical clinics.  The sacrificial efforts of families like Miguel and Mirta, are very appreciated by these rural villagers throughout the interior of Bolivia.


In addition to their missionary endeavors, Miguel is moving forward with his IFR flight certification. Due to lack of ongoing financial support however, the completion of his training has been slow.  

Please consider partnering with us on a monthly basis or a one time donation to support these worthy causes. Thank you very much for consideration of these matters.