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News Update

 Many suffered loss, not just of their homes and possessions, but emotional loss and grief by virtually all who had been displaced as a result.  We ourselves were out of our home for nearly three months.

Yes, we are very grateful that it did not not burn. Thanksgiving must first go to the Great Protector who preserved our home and many in Magalia, but also appreciation to our firefighting crews who took a stand in Magalia to prevent more homes from being destroyed.



Many have also suffered health effects because of this horrible situation. People who have returned to their homes still standing are despondent and depressed. There is corporate grief and a constant reminder just driving to the post office or into Paradise, where a few grocery stores, businesses and banks have reopened.

Mary and I have had numerous opportunities to minister with people, sharing stories, literature and even praying with them. It will be a slow process in the recovery, but through it all the God of heaven brings hope and encouragement to those who will trust Him through this process.


Good News 

In mid-March, (2020) one week before the Covid lockdowns, two eager and patient parents so the reward of three years of persistent, determined effort to have our local Butte County install guardrails in the location where our daughter lost her life back in 2014.  Indeed it was a satisfying accomplishment.  Guardrails on the north and south part of Skyway inner medium were installed, more than 800 ft. on either side.  

We believe this will make a lasting impact that another type of accident, regardless of weather conditions will never occur in this vicinity of Skyway, that stretch of highway between Paradise and Chico.  We are grateful to Butte County personnel for their willingness to cooperate with us to see our endeavor become a reality at last.

Only in eternity will we know the result of the action of these barriers installed to prevent a future tragedy. Yes, it came at a great cost. But that unique life in many respects continues to inspire countless others along the path of life. We look forward to ongoing efforts in our Drowsy Driving quest on a wider stage to make a difference in sparing the lives of others, as a result of our daughter's sacrifice. One day our daughter will see what has come from her life and premature death. We long for that day, indeed.



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