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Brianna has had in her mind to make a VBS program in Cusco Peru. For that reason she was collecting some stuff that we could use and share with Kids. The main reason of that activity that we were planning was to share the love of Jesus with Children from the Andes area. Doint it in Spanish she could practice what she was learning. She knew Spanish but wanted to improve a little bit more.


Since I received some of the materials that Brianna was collecting, I have had the idea to organize a VBS program on her name. God was so good that He sent us so many people in the way that helped us to make real our Brianna’s dream. As you know I am still working for Maranatha as a volunteer coordinator, not full time now, because of my mom's disease.   I work with Maranatha on high seasons. Every time that I was planning  our VBS something happened and I couldn’t make it; but the Lord knows when is the right time  when we are ready to do it. Many ideas came to my mind, because I saw that in the churches we are forgetting the Children’s Ministry, sometimes there is no children’s story in the main service. Sometimes I found churches where they have kids, but no teachers for Sabbath School classes.


Because of my job, I am so blessed traveling for some countries. I have a dream to open a Children's Ministry, and present Jesus to our children, by sharing His love. We are planning a program, with the children from our churches to take to many different areas:  schools, churches, communities.  You know what Brianna started with this inspiration. If we will work in a Church, then we have to ask for an authorization to the Local Pastor, as we did recently. We are planning to visit Public schools, first grades, communities and use their community centers. For some reason I was trained in my Job by Maranatha, and the volunteers, and I think this is a Ministry that will change the youth in the future, because with the Holy Sipirit, we will put a seed of Jesus’s love in each child. 


I could  not do this program by myself.  First of all, I want to say Thank you GOD, for his blessing and for using us as an instrument for his work. I also want to say thank you to the following people :

> Maranatha Volunteers International--who gave me time to make this happen and for the training.

> Brianna Cassidy--for sending some gifts, books & English Bibles that we shared, specially for been an  

        inspiration for this activity.

> Linda Styce--for some VBS materials, tooth brushes and gifts. 

> The Quiet Hour--for some materials and models of crafts.

> Margarito Trujillo--for helping us & sending some money that some people owed me in Panama. These funds

       we used for this program.

> Sarita Paredes--a lovely church member from MachuPicchu Church, here in Cusco.

> Mrs. Paula, Local Pastor’s wife--for helping us those 3 days of activity, leading and sharing Bible Stories, acting

       with the puppets.

> The youth group from MachuPicchu Church, lead by Delma.

> The two girls, Wendy & her friend and the Pathfinders from Ararat Church from Cusco.

> Mosoq Illary Church who gave us the opportunity to work in their community. They are new in the area so they need some help with these kind of activities, that way the community could know the of the church.

> Thanks MEDICAL TEAM:  Lupita (Dentist), Gustavo Lozano (My son, our Physical Therapist), Mrs. Belea


Special Thanks  to one pastor that I don’t remember his name right now, but helped us acting as a puppet and playing with the kids.

Brianna was and is our inspiration. We shared her Testimony and now more people know about her and will be inspired.


May God bless you my Brother & Sister,



A letter from Maria, Brianna's Peruvian 'Second  Mother' 

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