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 Brayden Watts

IIn late 2013 the Lord revealed to me His purpose for my life.  He wanted me to speak and encourage people.  I wasn’t exactly sure

how all of that was to come about but I was confident that this was God’s plan for my life.  Unbeknownst to me in the upcoming year

He would make His plans abundantly clear to me.


In February 2014, my 5 year old son Brayden Caleb Watts told me his head hurt. 

Within just a week of this complaint we discovered that he had medulloblastoma,

an aggressive form of pediatric brain cancer.  We believed and trusted God to heal

our son.  Yet after several weeks of high dose radiation therapy and prior to

beginning his course of chemotherapy, the doctor’s informed us there was nothing

else they could do.  Our son was going to die.


Devastated by this news we decided we couldn’t give up on our son.  We located

alternative treatment outside of the United States and immediately flew to Mexico to

fight for our son’s life.  As parents we did all we knew to do and trusted God to do

the rest.  After completing his treatment in Mexico we returned to the states for more

testing, and the results were not good.  We continued to trust and believe God for or

sons healing despite what we saw.


Then finally the day came when God impressed upon my heart that it might not be His will to heal my son.  So my husband and I gathered by our son’s bed side and prayed the most sincere prayer we had ever prayed in our lives.  Whether it was healing or death, we were prepared for God’s will to be done in our son’s situation.  That was the sincere prayer of our hearts to God and within 15 short minutes of this prayer, Brayden closed his eyes and went to sleep in Jesus.  Our beautiful son Brayden Caleb Watts died on July 26, 2014.


This 5 month journey was one in which we learned a lot about our loving savior.  Although we did not want our son to die, we still felt God’s love and peace in his death.  God’s ways our higher than our ways and He always seeks to do what’s best in our lives.  God in His infinite wisdom had determined it was best for Brayden to rest.  Thus, we saw no reason to be angry with God or to distrust Him.  We simply thank Him for the 5 beautiful years he gave us with our son. 


In addition to the blessing of peace God birthed in me a ministry.  The time had come for me to fulfill the purpose He had shown me back in 2013.  It was now time for me to speak and encourage others in the Lord and in November of 2014 I took the stage to encourage others.  It my goal to plant seeds of hope in the lives of individuals who are suffering.  God is a good God!

You can read about SaMonna Watts by clicking on her link or going to . Please show support.

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