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Secure in His Loving Arms

Last week I received an email from a pastor that was very reassuring regarding our loss. He had such profound things to say it required a double reading and even a third reading to grasp the idea being conveyed.


I decided for this week’s writing to share some of that email in order that others may be encouraged and mentally stimulated, thus receiving the blessing we did.  This email along with a video we recently watched has planted some new ideas in my thinking which I believe the Holy Spirit has inspired. The Bible says we are “to go on unto perfection”1 for “the path of the just is as the shining light”2. This shining light is that “Light which lightens every man that comes into the world.”3  That Light is Christ who not only leads, but at times carries us over the rough parts; He takes us by the hand on that path leading to perfection. How can we fail, if we allow Him to continue to hold us, shining on that path His righteousness?


Here are excerpts from the email I received from this Pastor:

It must be very reassuring as Christian parents to recall her gratitude to God for support that was continuing for her education and also strengthening to you both that she was determined to serve God in her future life and career.”


His reassuring statement in this paragraph was what I’ve thought about time and again—her gratitude to God for the support He had given her to boost her faith in Him, for He knew she needed that going into the last few days of her life.  We believe it was part of God’s plan in the sealing of her life that week, the day of her tragedy.


Here is another excerpt. This one requires deeper thought:

Is it possible in heaven where the past and the future is eternally present in God's time that Brianna will be able to see (as on video for e.g.) how her life would have continued had she been permitted to live on.” 


Wow! I have thought about this and shared the basic concept with Mary a number of times over the last eight months. It was certainly comforting to me to hear the pastor, not only echo my thoughts, but add to or build upon what I’ve thought, by presenting ‘God’s time’ in the context of being ‘eternally present’?  Is not God in control of our lives, at least those who are His? Cannot we trust Him, implicitly? This picture, if the heavenly video system exists as he painted it, I believe is part of Brianna’s full restoration, yes though on the other side.  But it will be I think necessary in bringing her into agreement with the Father, that “God never leads His children otherwise they would choose to be lead, if they could see the end from the beginning.“


Continuing on with the email:

 I am confident, if this becomes possible, that her praise to God will be at a higher octave than her former limits because she will see beyond any shadow of doubt how God's plan for an early exit from this mortal life was not only in her best interest but was God's way for holding her secure in His loving arms so that her future life would follow His pre-determined plan. It is the kind of magnificent love and thoughtfulness that I am beginning to see with clarity in the character and actions of the God-head.


Think of that!  (And this goes for all of us.)  She will agree that her life being cut short was in her best interest from the view of Providence.  God made a greater good come out of it, than if she were permitted to live a few more years in this wicked old world. Part of this picture, which she will come into agreement with will be the many more lives her ‘life story’ has impacted in her death. This will amount to no small joy in heaven, knowing that many more will be her friends, even close friends (something she longed for in this life) that can be forever trusted—loyal eternal friendships. The more I think about it, the greater assurance I now experience.  God can be trusted? He indeed has our best interest in mind. This certainly goes for each of us. The loss is only temporary.


Yet, just as importantly is what the pastor brings out in “God’s way for holding her secure in His loving arms so that her future life would follow His pre-determined plan.” Really?  Is God’s predetermined plan this precise for every one of us? 


Because I cherish discussion from my viewers, I encourage response at this point on your views.  We will conclude next week with even more profound thoughts from this email.


Until then, let those loving Arms hold you tight.



1. Hebrews 6:1

2. Proverbs.4:8

3. John 1:9

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