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It is truly amazing how God can bring good out of tragedy.  The last couple months and specifically over the last couple weeks we have seen fresh evidence of how people are being touched by our daughter’s life story. This week’s blog will focus on two cases that truly are blessing us in our grief recovery.


Case #1 – Back in January a high school senior approached us with a proposal. He was so touched by our loss of Brianna, he requested if he could do his senior project on her life.  We certainly agreed and as a result he has been making a wooden bench with a plaque in honor of our daughter which will be permanently placed at the airport Brianna worked at. He is a young man with morals and craftsmanship skills, who has blessed us with this project that will honor our daughter until the Lord comes.


Case #2 –In February, we meet with another young man who works with his dad in a granite cutting shop. We discussed the possibility of employing his skills doing our grave marker.  Over the last couple weeks, he has been amazed at the accomplishments of our daughter and how similar their characters were, he also being a believer.  My wife and I commented recently, why Brianna couldn’t have meet one of them, such fine young men.  But we will have the privilege in introducing them to her in the Kingdom one day soon and what a joy that will be—friends forever.


We have introduced these two young men to one another to discuss design for the plaque to

be placed on the bench.  We have also found opportunity to share not only our daughter’s

story with these two young men, but the Jesus she knew.  We are encouraged as doors

continue to open to reach more hearts while time lasts.  Here is the design pattern of her

grave marker.

The text, which Annette gave us, who lost her only daughter seven months before to the day, we have decided to place on Brianna’s grave maker.  This text is found in Hosea 13:14:  “I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them form death.” For the word “them” we will replace with Brianna’s name.


Through all of this process of grief and suffering we are finding consolation in sharing our daughter’s legacy. There are many hurting people in our world and the Lord longs to comfort us. He does this by plunging some of us into the ministry of suffering, or as a good friend has told me, it is the ‘baptism of suffering’.  If through this experience more souls can be reached and reclaimed by the power of the gospel, then more glory be to God, to hasten His coming.


I believe we will see many more laid to rest before the coming time of trouble breaks upon us. Many of the Psalms have been written for us during these difficult days we are living in. The psalmist has left this encouraging statement on record for us, “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”  Psalm 30.5.  We are looking eagerly forward to that.


It is our hope this will not only encourage our readers, but spur them on to prayerfully consider how to do more to hasten that great day. 


What say you?

 Sorrow Endureth for the Night

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