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United by Tragedy








In the Aftermath of Swissair Flight 111, One-Time Strangers Found Themselves

--A Father's Story


Book by David Wilkins

ISBN-10: 0816319804



When Death Isn't Fair:


Four of the author's five children were murdered in a single night, then her oldest child died of cancer.

by Joy Swift 

ISBN 0828016941

Mission Pilot: High Adventure in...

The adventures of David Gates, aviator, nurse, computer specialist, and missionary, prove that there's no more exciting place on earth than in the will of God.

by Eileen E Lantry

ISBN 0816318700

Daring To Ask For More

Daring to Ask for More will challenge you to recognize the unlimited possibilities that are within your grasp if you will only pray in faith.

by Melody Mason

ISBN 978-0816356249

Secrets Beyond the Grave

Secrets Beyond the Grave has the straightforward answers to these and other questions that you want and need to know.

by Dwight Hall

ISBN 9-781-883012-36-6

Forgiveness for a Leper

A story of the compassion of Jesus when leper comes to him for healing. Reveals Jesus true character.

by Bill Liversidge


Living by Faith

Your Maker is Your Husband

"The Word of God is self-fulfilling and of itself it accomplishes the will of God in you as you receive it as it is in truth the word of God."


by E.J. Waggoner

ISBN 9781495229503

Written three thousand years ago, The Song of Songs documents the conversation and interplay between Solomon and Shulamite.

by Kendra Arsenault


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