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Ending the Pain

by Lindsey Gendke

ISBN: 9780816361144 

"Ending the Pain is the compelling account of a young woman’s journey from desperation to hope. It traces how she moved away from the destructive lies that crippled her faith toward the only Truth that could set her free. Lindsey’s story will resonate with anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, discouraged, or tired of playing church."

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Victory in Jesus


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"Are there things in your life that it seems Christ has been unable to overcome? Is your faith at a low eff? Do not despair! This is hope for you!"


by Bill Liversidge

ISBN: 978-0979340901

The Hidden Half of the Gospel

by Paul Coneff

ISBN: 978-1626528895


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"Lonely, Abandoned, Betrayed, Physically Violated, Verbally and Mentally Abused, Addicted, Rejected, Forsaken, Unsafe, Hopeless.

Who do you turn to when life hurts--especially when trying harder has only brought you more faillure?


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More Than Anything CD


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A Love Story 


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"Take this walk with Brenda and Lawrence as they experience the presence of the Holy Spirit drawing close to them during what became the darkest hours of their lives."


by Brenda Lawerance

ISBN:  978-1-4796-0588-0

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