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 The Clock Propeller

    This quaint story arises out of a desire        to show our appreciation at the efforts      Brianna had put forth to obtain her            Commercial Pilot’s License.  We as her      parents desired to do a special some-          thing for Brianna.  Here is this                      precious story we  in the section,                  “Remembering Brianna."


    One day Brianna found two matching      propellers someone had donated to the      thrift store in TN where she had                  volunteered.  She immediately saw the        intrinsic value and quickly claimed

    what she considered a 'treasure' for

for herself before such special items went out on the floor. Upon arriving home, she shared this prized possession with her parents that she grabbed up at the thrift store.

After we moved back to CA, the propellers were hidden away in a box in a garage and forgotten about—out of sight, out of mind. Then one day in 2014, her mother sprung an idea and shared a plan with me how we could do something special for Brianna due to obtaining her Commercial rating.


After checking with a local watch repairman and even a local jeweler, this idea became a reality.  Applying light sanding and doing some touch up on the better of the two propellers, including a light coat of stain, brought us to the next stage.  We knew that the 'intinsic' value of this item would become more valuable to Brianna if we included her grandfather's watch piece, without the bands, as the centerpiece in the propeller.  Golden colored bolts where chosen and the silver ring from a hardwood store to keep the watch in place. The finished product is what you see pictured above.


Plans were made to ‘unveil’ this gift the day she obtained her commercial rating. Sadly, Brianna's life ended before she was able to obtain her rating, just two weeks prior to her commercial exam.  After her memorial service, her mother found the propeller hidden under our dresser—it was a painful moment realizing all that effort we went through and for what?  It appeared it was all for nought as the overwhelming flood of emotions gripped us…we quickly put it away out of sight.


Months elapsed and then in the difficult month of May, we decided this should be a little memento to share with the world. It will not be a waste. We will share with the reader what would have been given to our precious Brianna.  If some soul can be touched by this account, it is our desire that God use it to His glory. Someday, someone in the Kingdom will ‘unveil’ this story to Brianna--the gift she never received has been given to bless others--the story of the “Clock Propeller”.

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