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It’s Been  37  Months

This past Friday, the 19th, a cold winter day, brought the painful reminder for the beginning of the 4th year of life without our precious Brianna. As time elapses and we extend farther and farther from that tragic day, we are locked in a unforgettable memory warp which just seemed like last month. We all know this to be true when we can remember clearly what we were doing at the tragic experience of a loved one or a shocking memory that made an indelible imprint or the horrible reality of September 11, 2001.

The farther we move away from that day, the more we long to see our precious Brianna. The memories we will always have, but oh how we desire to replace those memories with her physical presence again. Only those who have lost a close family member can truly look forward to that grand reunion day.  O Lord, may it come soon is our prayer.

Thank you all for remembering us in our ongoing struggle as we seek to keep our daughter’s memory alive through this ministry by blessing others.

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