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The Last Thanksgiving


Who expects that the next major holiday, will be their last? We certainly didn’t that Thanksgiving holiday in 2014. Had we known, how different we would have cherished every minute with our precious daughter. How we would have appreciated being in her presence and spent as much time with her as possible.

Yet, in a very real way, many are living today as though there is no tomorrow. The human family has seemed to have lost its bearings across the spectrum. Free and stable governments of the world have become rogue, oppressive and tyrannical in nature against their own citizenry. In many countries the masses are fighting back, fighting for basic freedoms which all people should have been given.  Hundreds of thousands in this country alone have had serious negative medical effects as a result of going along with the mandates. The suffering that has occurred just from this pandemic the last 20 months, is beyond computation. Yet, the Son of man, predicted in Matthew 24 this would be the condition in our world before the end. And there is hope.

This past Friday, the 19th marked 83 months (exactly 361 weeks) since we lost Brianna. How grateful we are that she would peacefully sleep through all of this brought on by COVID, which has caused such untold woe and suffering in our world.

We need to count our blessings regardless, what happens. Those who realize their great need will turn to Him who knows how to regulate everything according to His will and for their good. Further, He gives us peace in the midst of our storms. And He freely forgives, for the wrong actions of his earth borne children, for those who seek Him.

It is our prayer this thanksgiving season, that you would come to know the Great Peacegiver, who takes our griefs and sorrows upon Himself, who heals all our diseases and restores lives ruined by sin. It makes all the difference in the world. Won’t you say yes to the Lord of life?

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