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The Sealing TouchThe Father’s Heart Revealed in our Sufferings.


Suffering!  The word itself speaks to us this concept of pain—mental, emotional, physical or any combination thereof.  Suffering is part of our human experience.  It is a very real and at times painful part of life.  It makes even the toughest vulnerable. Some incur suffering because of their own wrong choices, some receive this plight of suffering due to the wrong choices of others.  So then how are we to relate to this thing called “Suffering”?


There is very good news for mortals in the realm of suffering that we all experience at some level.  When we experience especially deep suffering and grief, there is comfort in knowing one who has experienced the same type of sorrow and grief we go through—it creates an immediate bond between the two. There is a Man who experienced our sorrows and IS acquainted with our grief.  And the Word of Life tells us He does not abhor those who are afflicted (Psalm 22.24), but in all our affliction, he IS afflicted (Isaiah 63.9)—a very present reality in the heart of God.  He hurts along with us.


Today, meditate upon this Man of sorrows who is acquainted with our grief.  So then, what does suffering mean to you?


In our next segment, we will explore reasons why we prevent His embrace, when we suffer.  - 8 Febuary 2015



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