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 Why Bad Things Happen to Us

A few days after the tragic loss of Brianna, someone shared with me “GriefShare Daily

Emails” which help with the grieving process daily, for a whole year.  Though I don’t

read them daily, I do read some of them, which are helpful.  But since it has been more

than 100 days since our loss, I decided to review all of the titles of each.  I was surprised

that not one of them dealt with the subject I want to share in this week’s blog.


This subject more than any other helps us understand the battle behind the scenes and

who it is that destroys our loved ones.


It is the subject of the Great Controversy!


Well as many of us know—we’re in a spiritual battle, a war and there are casualties on both

sides.  Human beings tend to look for answers to the reasons why terrible and horrible

tragedies happen in our world.  Typically, the finger points to God.


The argument goes, that “If God is all powerful and in control of everything happening on earth, why does He permit such devastation?”  Some even charge Him with causing the death or loss of life.  So how do we answer these questions?


We need to realize that in this great spiritual battle going on, there is a controversy regarding the character of our loving Father. The prince rebel, who hijacked our planet in the beginning, has slandered and tarnished the very name and character of God for 6000 years now.  And he is still doing it today, using human beings to voice these false accusations. This along reveals the longsuffering nature of God.  But though Satan can use every form of deception, force and tyranny, God is limited to goodness, mercy and love—principles of righteousness. His government is moral; truth and love are to be the prevailing power.   (Desire of Ages p. 759)


We should be so thankful for the story of Job in the Bible. Here the curtain is drawn aside and we recognize that there are rules of engagement in this controversy.  Satan must obtain permission to bring about woe and desolation on earth. In the story of Job, it is interesting to note that 1) Satan recognizes God as the one who brings blessings and protection to humanity and yet 2) he is the one who charges God with bringing destruction on earth.  From this we learn, that Satan does not take responsibility for his actions, but charges God falsely. Hence, Lucifer is the most irresponsible being in the universe, thus he will be judged the most severely.


The Sovereign of the Universe is in full control of what is taking place on earth, despite human understanding.  Satan cannot do anything except what God permits him to do.  Notice this insightful statement:


“The Father’s presence encircled Christ, and nothing befell Him but that which infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world.  Here was His source of comfort, and it is for us.  He who is imbued with the Spirit of Christ abides in Christ.  Whatever comes to him comes from the Saviour, who surrounds him with His presence. Nothing can touch him except by the Lord’s permission.”       

(Ministry of Healing p. 489)


Poor Job didn’t have the knowledge we do of this controversy and yet He held fast his faith and trust in God through one of the most terrible experiences a human being can endure. How did Job do it?  Well, that is another story for another blog.


But let us ask the question:  How did the Eternal Father resolve this conflict which started in heaven? Well, He hasn’t fully yet resolved it.  But the decisive battle that determined the war was fought and won by His Son nearly 2000 years ago.  This victory occurred at the Cross. There the heavenly universe was convinced that God’s name was cleared (from any wrong doing) in the judgment (Psalm 51:5; Romans 3:4) that took place at Calvary.  It is at this centerpiece of human history that the Divine love was so seen to be so deep and broad that God was willing to sacrifice Himself in His Son for our eternal welfare and the security of the universe).  That settled it in the eyes of all intelligent life out there.


Yet, the devil has kept the human race from truly understanding this greatest revelation of the truth about God—seen at the CROSS. He has kept human beings also in deception regarding his own debased, evil character these last two thousand years. It is he that really brings death and destruction, not our loving heavenly Father.  The arch rebel was the one who planned and carried out the assassination of my daughter at 19 on the 19th Day of December, the 19th hour of the day.


Why did God permit this tragedy?  For the same reason he permits millions every year to suffer tragedy and billions over the eons of time, horrible deaths.  Remember, from God’s perspective, no sinner has ever yet died, for heaven regards death in this life as “sleep”, not death.  This is known as the first death, which all one day will be resurrected from. Only the Son of man has experienced that eternal death or second death the Bible talks about which will be the fate of the wicked (the lost) one day.


All the questions to all our ‘whys’ will be answered during those 1000 years in the Kingdom. But until then, the truth about the serpent, called the devil and Satan (Rev.12:9) needs to be revealed and his “works of darkness” exposed. (Ephesians 5:11).


 Because the enemy has been “unmasked”, and he has been rendered powerless (Hebrews 2:14), my wife and I have set our face to damage his kingdom, by lifting up the cross of Christ through our daughter’s life story. Thus, many lost, confused and hurting souls are to be reclaimed as we can before time runs out.


Satan orchestrated the events of our daughter’s premature death, because he was upset at the damage Brianna was beginning to make to his kingdom, by living for Jesus as a soldier of truth. By divine grace we will carry on the work God began in her life and bring many trophies to heaven one day. The joy on that day will be unimaginable, in greater degree than the pain and suffering grief, the enemy has caused.


It is my hope and prayer that a little more light shines on this subject for you, so you too can now ‘justify’ or clear God’s name in this pre-advent judgment and be ready in peace to meet Him when He comes. May God receive all the Glory.



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